If a billion people in India can stay calm behind the wheel, surely Miami can figure it out

Words by Kemila Velan

As soon as I started working full time again, I dreaded the idea of battling Miami’s infamous and infuriating rush hour traffic. I thought about packing a 45 in my glove compartment, but then I stumbled upon Wynyfryd’s Meditation Room, a quirky little Podcast that soothes me to the point I’m smiling at drivers who cut me off, and sweetly pausing for pedestrians. An AutoVantage survey of 2,000 adult commuters in 20 major cities concluded that Miami has the worst road etiquette. Perhaps listening to music or meditations could dethrone our city from the top of those rankings.

Or, Anna Silvetti, yoga en español teacher at Prana Yoga at 247 Malaga Ave in Coral Gables, said she practices Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing when she’s driving.

“People must think I’m crazy, trying to suffocate myself!”

No matter what other drivers are thinking, at least we can start creating a car culture that isn’t so toxic.