Season 1

Episode 1: Can TLF exist IRL in a
VR world where BOTs with ADD are only DTF?

In episode 1, Femmebot 7.0 asks her tech therapist Dr. Nutmeg if True Love Forever (TLF) still exists In Real Life (IRL) in a Virtual Reality world where Femmebots and Brobots with ADD are only Down to F— (DTF). As Femmebot 7.0 rides her economic cycle around present-day Williamsburg, she compares it to the 1960s, when “humans” supposedly lived there.

Episode 2: GETKnockedUp App Launch Party

In episode 2, Femmebot 7.0 continues her search for True Love at the GETKnockedUp app launch party in Williamsburg. She matches with a BroBot named Prince White Rice…but it looks like he has also matched with a younger, more aggressive Femmebot, who has no shame about doing multiple lines of code in one night.

Episode 3: Welcome to Turing Test!
A Night Time Talk Show in the Format of a Therapy Session

In episode 3, Femmebot 7.0 doesn’t know her memories and therapy sessions with Dr. Nutmeg are live-streaming as a virtual reality TV show for an audience of robots.