Career Tias

Career Tias is Dr. Nutmeg’s virtual mentoring program for budding Femmebots, Brobots and Genderneutralbots.

As of May 2020, there are 7 sobrinos between the ages of 4-15 learning math, web site design and development, video editing and animation.

This spring they created which showcases and sells some of their talents.

This summer they are participating in an animation summer camp…which will produce the next season of The Femmebots 

This Fall.

Dr. Nutmeg’s co-founder is Martha Hernandez, a chingona techie who got venture capital funding for an employment platform called Madebos. These two met at the Wonder Women Tech conference in Cali in November 2019, where they talked on a LatinX panel about the power of mentorship in building a career. And thus, Career Tias was born to the mentor the next generation of young people (especially girls and POCs) coming up in tech.

CareerTias were included in a GalTech Talks interview earlier this year.