Writing on Drupal

Preparation for ACEEE Workshop Jan. 27, 2011.

Over the last year, I have been managing the transition of a web site from Dreamweaver to Drupal. The experience has been like squeezing 11 watermelons through a tiny wormhole (without any lube), from the 20th to the 21st century.

The 11 watermelons are the team of content creators. A few of them work well together and have figured out how to shapeshift in order to help each other through. A few of them are stubborn and refuse to go through because they prefer the 20th century over this century’s Twitterly superficiality. The rest are recalling their high school days of being the wallflower nerds, once again not chosen to dance with the savvy, confident watermelons.

OK. Enough with the watermelons.

The point? I am saddled with the task of squeezing tasty, sweet, not-from-concentrate juice out of these watermelons (sorry), and pouring it into their new Drupal web site. If the site had been built on a CMS I know well – like Joomla or WordPress – I would be lounging on a beach by now, sipping on cocktails much more exciting than…watermelon juice. I swear, once I start with a metaphor, I can’t stop!

As 20th century headz would say (because they have been brainwashed this way): “You made your bed…now lie in it!” But this was never a bed I intended to make. I could not successfully convince the watermelons to build their web site on a less complicated CMS so they could focus on their true desire of disseminating their sweet juice to the world – instead, we spent an entire year building the infrastructure…and we are still fussing with it. Seems to be a never-ending nightmare. I have no desire to lie in this bed of nightmares for the rest of my life so I can prove I am capable of long-term commitment to my family and friends. Life is too short to wrestle obstacles when there are clear paths around them. This is why I am doing my best to empower the watermelons to manage their own mess themselves…and then I’m getting outta dodge to resume the true, original long-term commitment I made a long time ago: to be a multimedia storyteller.

OK, back to the title of this post: “Writing on Drupal.”

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