plasticianWednesday, March 25, 2009
MIAMI BEACH – We drink a couple of $9 cocktails on Collins Avenue, then at the dive bar Deuce on 14th Street, and pile into the pick-up truck to the other side of the Causeway, 1306 North Miami Avenue, where the Plastician is dropping heavy beats into the pit of my belly as soon as I walk in. I have no desire to talk to anyone, this is my first WMC party, and all I want to do is stand in front of the largest speaker and whir, whir, whir my hips and shoulders. It seems like hours upon hours doing this grind when I finally come out of the music coma. Beers are $7 here, it seems like a rip-off for this make-shift venue, a place I never would have entered if not for WMC…but that’s how it is in Miami…sometimes you don’t know where to go until out-of-towners tell you what’s up, isn’t that funny?

This is not an officially sanctioned WMC party, and we hear round the way that cops are shutting down parties across the Causeway so that beach parties don’t lose liquor money. Huh? Huh? C’mon, this is Miami, the land of opportunists…no way there won’t be peripheral parties for every convention that hits our Magic City…that’s just the way it works!