The Femmebots Animated Web Series Launches Kickstarter FUNdraiser

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NEW YORK, New York, August 1, 2017  —

The Femmebots hope to raise $9,230 between Aug 1-Sept 5 to bring their animated web series about female techies of color to Tribeca Now and Vimeo On Demand this Fall.

Today The Multimedia District launches The Femmebots Animated Web Series on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

The story follows Femmebot 7.0 on a quest for love and investors while building a tech company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2019.

When she arrives @91Broadway, the same place her “mother” grew up in the 1960s, she is shocked that the neighborhood that used to be Puerto Rican is completely overrun by BOTs – Femmebots, Brobots and even GenderNeutralBots have TAKEN humans’ jobs, homes…even their personalities!!!

Melanie Feliciano, creator of The Femmebots and director at The Multimedia District, explains: “Bots are everywhere and according to The Washington Post – ‘People are worried Amazon will replace Whole Foods workers with robots! So I thought I’d make commentary on this trend through a funny animated web series.”

Time Magaine, The Atlantic, Wired Magazine, Tech Crunch and other mainstream media have been flooded with articles about the imminent shift in our workforce due to automation, and this series captures those fears, along with all the obstacles women and people of color face in the tech world.

By combining basic consumer animation software with highly trained and talented writers, we are eager to entertain and educate audiences of all ages with this story.

Once complete, the seven-episode series will be available via Vimeo On Demand for $29.

The Kickstarter also features The Femmebots’ fictional Boob Tube app as a perk at the $49 level, which converts a Tweet into a 15 or 30 second video (click to see a demo posted by options trader and investor Eric O’Rourke).

The story explores the differences between 20th and 21st century human relationships, the effects of tech on our attention spans for each other, mis-communications, over-communications, selfie-absorption to the point of self-unawareness, skyrocketing rents and diminishing sense of community, racism and sexism in the tech world, as well as the persistent spirit one needs as an artist, an entrepreneur and a woman who still believes in true love.

After imagining these characters at interactive Art Basel shows in Miami, gentrified properties in Washington, DC and co-working spaces in Prague, London and Brazil, this web series aims to make audiences laugh away the pain of losing work to Bots all the while learning about the new economy that is lurking around the corner.”

Rewards available:

  • Digital Download of all 7 episodes
  • The Boob Tube app – convert a Tweet to video (click for demo)
  • A Date With Prince White Rice – get feedback on your 20-page script
  • Dr. Nutmeg’s Turing Test – a recorded 30-minute conversation with the mad scientist who is building all the Bots at the Factory.
  • E-Love Letters Written by Princess – the art of the written letter is getting lost in the digerati so our youngest Femmebot will write a personalized love letter to you.

You can back The Femmebots on their Kickstarter page now:

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