Planting Seeds

If I am to start working for myself again, I need to get my own health insurance.

In San Francisco, I had Kaiser Permanente, and I remember liking them more than any other insurance I ever had. Why? I remember it was relatively easy to get prescriptions filled, to get appointments, and the quality of care from my doctor was top notch.

Ten years later, I am in Washington, DC, and I don’t like my health care company so much and my doctor is OK, but not the greatest. I swim at least once a week at one of the free public pools in the city, and noticed that it is free because Kaiser Permanente funds it! Aha! No wonder! I am all about law of attraction, so I am now looking into the care this non-profit organization offers in this area.

On my way out the door to work I ran into Peter, my new neighbor across the hall. He had knocked on my door a couple of weeks ago because he is trying to get people together to pay for Internet access. This is exactly what I needed since Cricket and Virgin mifis aren’t particularly reliable. It would only cost a few dollars a month. Sweet. We rode the metro to work together. He grew up in LA but moved to Utah his senior year in high school and then ended up staying for college. Now he is here in Washington, DC and says it seems like everyone is the same: they wake up, get dressed in the same clothes as each other and go to work 9-5. Yeah, tell me about it. I’ve been doing it almost a year now. All in the name of re-paying my karmic debt.

Before I left the Urban Ashram, I made a point to look at the India 2006 photos. Four years ago. I was 31. But I look like I am a teenager in so many of the pictures. I hadn’t gone on my own yet. I had no real plan. I was just going to be a full-time freelancer.

Present time: When I applied for my current job, I told them I am a yoga teacher and that is why I was interested in this concept of energy efficiency. The body is a building and it can generate, store, move, suck and waste energy, depending on its architecture. The energy centers are the 7 chakras. The brain is the operating system, which sends signals to the chakras. When the operating system sends too many signals to one chakra, it sucks energy from the other six, which makes the building unbalanced (and often ornery). I haven’t been consciously working my operating system. I have been letting outside forces — parents, advertising, supervisors, my cell phone, my Internet connection, the Wizard of Oz, money, boyfriends, Hollywood, sex, girlfriends — operate it.

That’s why I decided to install a smart grid:

Monday: Food, Bills, Home
Tuesday: Sex, Creativity
Wednesday: Business, Negotiation
Thursday: Love, Giving Time, Teaching
Friday: Expressing, Marketing
Saturday: Playing, Imagining
Sunday: Family and friends time; all boundaries cease and we all become one.

Each day of the week (there are 7), I consciously focus my operating system on a single chakra (there are 7), in an effort to keep them balanced.

No matter what, I need to ALWAYS focus my operating system on my own chakras in order to be whole.

Right now, I am resistant to everything. My architecture is closed. There isn’t a single outside force working on me.