The Femmebots Pitch the GETKnockedUp App to Investors

Are you tired of trying to find the right mate so you can GETKnockedUp and live happily ever after? Well, we know most of you are going to be raising those MiniBots on your own, so why bother with the whole courting ritual when you can DIY? (Do It ALL Yourself)

Now you CAN with the GETKnockedUp App! Just download the app, enter your specifications and BANG! Five Brobots will show up at your door (at the same time or at specified intervals of your economic cycle. Suburbs not included.).

What market are you addressing?
40-something women who “forgot” to have kids but suddenly want to even though they spend no time with children and have already established their lives as successful, professional bachlorettes.

What problems are you trying to solve?
Feminist greed and self-absorption.

Describe your solution to the problem described above.
The GETKnockedUp app allows a female user to click a button, swipe left or right to vet up to five suitable, good-looking, and healthy sperm donors who show up at her door at specified intervals of her “economic cycle.” The app allows the user to maintain the Tinder/Bumble-style fun of getting knocked up while avoiding the clinical process of a laboratory AND skipping the messy and unpleasant process of courting rituals that wasted her time in her 20s and 30s. Do not collect $200: Go straight to happily ever after (suburbs not included; the app takes no responsibility for birth defects or accidentally falling in love with sperm donors)

What is your unique competitive advantage?
FemmeBots created this app, so they can work 24-7 to maintain and add features, around the clock without burnout, as long as they, themselves, get periodic upgrades: see “Dr. Nutmeg’s Turing Test app”

What are the most important metrics of success in your business model?
Happily knocked up users creating all-female communes to raise their children without the problems men invariably bring to the table.

How does your company make money?
In-app purchases of baby merchandise.