Future News: Smart Women Don’t Waste Time in Social Media Silos

A friend of a friend invited me to join a FB Group called “Smart Women Vote for Trump.” She obviously isn’t smart (smart women don’t vote for Trump) and she obviously doesn’t know me very well, so I checked it out and it is full of posts about “DemoRats” destroying the country, “evil women” poisoning children’s minds, kneeling athletes who should get the hell out of the country… Hate, Hate, Hate…

Among the 2.7k member comments and posts, I didn’t see a single innovative or thought-provoking idea offering solutions to the problems that face our country. Even though its rules for membership say, “Absolutely NO attacking another member for any reason,” the entire page is full of attacks on people.

So I had an idea to invite this friend of a friend to join a group called Wonder Women Tech, aka “Smart women don’t have time to post hate on a social media platform because they are busy creating solutions and jobs, inspiring and educating.”

OK, I gotta get back to innovating and building, byeeeee!