Formulas for Transforming Dark Energy to Light Energy

Week 2 of Brahmacharya

I am feeling needy.

Three B-O-Yz are hollerin on Facebook but I want nothing to do with them. I want my MAN to call. But he hasn’t.

Why am I such a teenager?

I have to work hard at not being so dramatic about my relationship.

Apparently when I feel needy I think he needs to do more rather than dealing with my emotions on my own…yoga style.

It’s like my friend’s ex-girlfriend. She was so busy focusing on her IDEA of how he should be rather than being grateful for how he really was. She wasn’t ready for committed love. Just like I am not either. Is there an assumption that I will be eventually?


No need to jump someone else’s train. I just need to learn how to lighten up.

God, what is my formula for lightening up?

Brazilian music
– Comedy

– Indie Filmmakers
– Bollywood Dancing
– Rita Hayworth as “Gilda”
– Movies set in Miami
– Dogs
– Playing with kids
– Cooking
– Reading The Onion
– Chatting with friends online
– Swimming
– Yoga
– Sofia Coppola

Lost in Translation

Marie Antoinette

Geez. I am such a kid. Why can’t I be?

It just seems like I will never grow up.