Super Gringa Interrupts Dr. Nutmeg’s Fake News With a Fake PSA from Santurce, Puerto Rico

Welcome to the Fake Newzzz. I’m Femmebot 6.0 reporting LIVE from Planet MyAmi! In our top future news feed, Beach Head 2020 is an entire virtual world that combines e-commerce, entertainment and gameplay objectives…without the restriction of TIME or SPACE!!! Imagine being able to invite someone into your dreamworld –

We interrupt this Fake News with a Fake Public Service Announcement. Hi, kids, I’m Super Gringa! And I’m a first generation Latina who didn’t want to speak Spanish when I was growing up because everyone in my school was Super Gringoooooooooo. But I’ve changed my ways, I’ve moved to the Super Hipster Santurrrrrrrrce just outside of San Juan, Puerto Rico, where the architecture is very gay and the coffee is very artisinal and the co-working spaces for digital nomads are proliferating. Yeah, sounds Super Gringo to me too, I guess I’m not really changing my ways, but hey I’m doing my part to contribute to the island’s economy after Hurricane Maria! Even the NYTimes named Puerto Rico the No. 1 spot on its annual list of 52 Places to visit in 2019 so here I am! If YOU are a Super Gringo and wanna escape the arctic winter, like NOW, AND you’ve been dying to see Lin Manuel Miranda’s smash Broadway hit, “Hamilton,” AND you got some extra cash lying around – exactly $5,000, $4,593 of which will help raise money for Miranda’s Flamboyan Arts Fund that supports the arts community in Puerto Ricooooo….well, there are still tickets available for closing night of the show on Jan. 27, 2019! Each ticket includes a premium seat at the show as well as an invite to a VIP post-show reception hosted by chef José Andrés, chef Mario Pagán, and World Central Kitchen’s #ChefsForPuertoRico. These VIP tickets are still available for the final show and can be purchased at

In other Puerto Rico news…