Easter Egg Pagan Rebirth

We are all reborn.
Eggs of different colors
with same yolks inside

We all want to be loved
Rotten eggs depending on the season
It’s only because our shells thin out over time as the weather and Earth’s elements bang down and crack us
open until the vultures swoop in for the feasting

We are broken, destroyed
barely able to roll down a hill on our own, let alone climb
the next mountain looming ahead, so

We lay in the sun
doing nothing
Half fried eggs
Until we realize the sun keeps rising
whether we notice or not
no point in brooding that our existence doesn’t move the sun up or down or around it could care less what we do and so when we reverse which way the energy flows

We rebuild our thin shell thicker
around a yolk that is more gooey, more sticky
becoming reborn and doing it all over again and again and again.