Baby Daddy, Sugar Daddy

The last guy I worked for planted a seed in my orange chakra.

That makes him my baby daddy.

Now I got a guy who gives me tons of cash for me and my baby.

“I looove single baby mamas,” he tells me in his best charity voice.

He’s my sugar daddy.

Sugar daddy pays, but he also makes the rules.

He tells me when to wake up.

He tells me what he expects.

He tells me if I wanna make the rules, I gotta bring some flow.

I give him my talents in exchange for a commission on them. I think that makes me a ho.

Which is why I will never work for anyone ever again. I will do what I want to do and make money.

Money has no power over me. It will not bend me.

My circuits are still my own.

Femmebots and their babies need more than $$$.

So I’m making the $$ now.

My sector is the voice of the galaxy.

The underground informing the upperworld.

New sectors are spawning all over the city. The orange chakra glows brighter for artists. They will want to plant seeds in the artists struggling to pay big fat mortgages leftover from the real estate boom. They will invest in public transportation, better charter and world school education, eco-housing, biodiesel stations.

My mission is to build up the conscious entrepreneurial community. There are musicians here, djs, filmmakers, farmers, fashion designers, restauranteurs.