Chakra Girlz Practice on Lincoln Road for Art Basel

by Chakra Girl

Yellow Chakra Power! Ever since I created my Halloween costume, I’ve been wanting to wear it everyday. I think it’s because it’s not just a Halloween costume. Chakra Girl is the character I have been creating all year long. And I’m going to use every occasion I can to develop her. Art Basel is perfect. It’s a week of celebrating art in the city that inspired my art. Miami has been my muse for 5 years. And when I started teaching yoga, my art transformed from a carbon copy of everything we already see, to an expression of what is actually inside me. What better day to express this than Yellow Chakra Wednesday, the day Art Basel officially begins? As I was envisioning this yoga rainbow lighting up Lincoln Road, I happened to come across a coloring artbook by artist Tara McPherson (right) at Tate’s Comics. Talk about a visual to help manifest fiction into reality!

RED: Gisele Omores, Biotonic Brickell
“AWESOME !!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you. You know I am still super high from the experience….”

ORANGE: Terri Cooper, Standard Hotel
“LOVE IT! LOVE ALL OF YOU! That was so much fun. Cant wait to see more pics and the video.”

YELLOW: Jo Valin, Photography
“So much Fun!!  I love the photo!!!!”

GREEN: Brooke Gershenbaum, Shores Yoga
“Kemila thank you so much for putting that all together. We all look kick ass! Peace and love chakra girl, let me know when and where and I’ll be there!”

BLUE: Sage Molotov, graduate of Miami Yogashala
“It was fun!!”

PURPLE: Greg Nardi, Miami Life Center
“It was great to be a part of your vision. Thank you for inviting us in.”

RAINBOW: Chakra Girl, sponsored by