The Middle

Gysela’s dreams were coming true. The B-O-Y in charge gave her money to start her own publication, however, it was about a subject she knew nothing about. She tried not to let that fact stop her. She hired freelance writers, built a web site…It was fun and happy until a major company deadline came around.

Image of a B-O-Y sitting behind a desk with a phone on top. Gysela and a younger Femmebot sit in front of the desk.

B-O-Ys voice (mp3): Why didn’t you print that document?!!! I needed 8,000 copies for the conference! Gysela??

Gysela: Your partner told us to drop that part. There were too many other things to do. Don’t yell at D! You are TYRANT!

The B-O-Y in charge was safe behind his machine and the B-O-Y behind the desk acted helpless as if he had nothing to do with the situation. He will now be called the B-O-Y without B-A-L-L-S.

The B-O-Y in charge was 3,000 miles away, unable to re-enter the country due to reasons kept hush-hush by everyone who was part of the C-L-U-B.

He sent for Marcela, the beautiful South American assistant to “assist” him in his office in The Northern Country. He was M-I-A for the first three months of his company’s growth. Gysela did her best to make decisions on her own. But she always wondered why the B-O-Y in charge couldn’t re-enter the country. That’s what journalists do. They want to know the motives behind the stories.

Soundtrack: Hot Box Girls…Adelaide’s Lament. “He bought me the fur things five winters ago…”

When the B-O-Y finally did re-enter, the mood was different. The beautiful, confident blond South Country Femmebot was quiet, moody, jumpy and not that interested in talking to Gysela about yoga and stretching at The Standard.

Images of a hamam, waterfall, sunset over the bay.

When the yoga Femmebot found out about the Vancouver secret, her heart told her to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!

Image of Stop Sign with the words “LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.”

Image of Mob Mentality airplane. She decided to keep going for the ride because her mother had always told her, “When you’re dealt lemons, make lemonade.”

Image of lemons, lemonade.

In 5 years, the company has not funded anyone.

WHO is the common denominator in this story?


I played the Damsel in Distress storyline with an angel group in New Jersey just to see how it would play out. They didn’t come to my rescue.