The Femmebots Are NOT Latina

In today’s Fake News: I am not Latina. And neither are The Femmebots.

According to sources who cannot change their skin color, there is only white and only black and nothing in between. No brown. No olive. No red. And definitely no Latina or Hispanic or Asian, especially in a historically black neighborhood like Bed Stuy or in shithole countries like Honduras, Brazil, Mexico or Costa Rica where there are black people who speak Spanish and Portuguese.

The idea that Jeff Bezos, the Biggest Bazillionaire on the planet, is Latino because his stepdad is Cuban and his surname is not Smith, therefore, he’s “one of us” and “made it” in the white man’s race, is like me and The Femmebots getting our own virtual reality show on Netflix and claiming our story is any different from Molly Ringwald’s or LadyBird’s or any other white suburban girl suffering from angst and existential crises.

Perhaps the only other hyphenated Americans who can claim their experiences are on par with Black folks are Muslims, which isn’t a color either, but for this period of time they may as well be Black. And the Dreamers? They’re all Black. And my parents when they first arrived in New York? They were Black, more specifically “Spics,” which was offensive and racist back then but means nothing to me now, because I never got passed over for jobs like they did nor rejected by landlords when applying for housing – in fact, it’s the reverse. People hire me to fill quotas but then they are disappointed that my Spanish sucks. A generation later, we all blend, we all speak English, so this whole Latina thing is a sham. It’s all Fake News.

In other Fake News, the State of the Economic Cycle is tonight. The information will continue to be filtered through the lens of one person who does not read and continues to exploit the beliefs of his followers for his own personal gain, which is nothing like other master marketers currently killing it with their respective audiences – Bikram Choduroy, Kingfisher, Jobs, the Kardashians –

We interrupt this episode of The Fake News with this product placement hyperlink – George Orwell’s Classic 1984 is ranked #17 on Amazon’s bestseller list for 2017. Why? Stay tuned for the answer. Or read for yourself before someone else filters the news for you tonight.