The Brikolodge Facility is Miami’s first coworking space, located in the heart of the Wynwood Design District

by Ali

Coworking is designed to be social, creative and welcoming. It’s a café-like atmosphere combined with the collaboration and community of an office/workspace. Brikolodge was formed with the intention of bringing South Florida’s design, development, freelance, and consultant population together under one roof.

Many of these types of professionals are a part of start-up dot coms, students or simply freelancing. Any one of these professionals typically works from home, a Starbucks or any other location around town with free (or cheap) internet.


The coworking craze has swept the globe, starting in San Francisco and extending all the way to Paris. Brikolodge was formed with the purpose of providing a stimulating atmosphere for creatives to come, work, socialize, collaborate and most importantly a sense of community. This includes renting desk space for local residents, nomads or creative folks to drop by when in town; it also includes Brikolodge-sponsored educational events (art, cooking, SEO, or any other type of meet up).

Our facility is very flexible. We have about 10 desks set up as potential workspace; this can be re-arranged to accomodate any type of event as the facility is an open floor plan loft. The atmosphere is designed to be relaxed and bohemian-esque.

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