Scarlett Johanssen: Falling Down

scarlett-johanssonWhen I watch Scarlett Johanssen, I think she is brilliant. Because she’s an actress playing the part of women everywhere who have to put on a “pretty face”…the singing part I could probably do without.

I found this video because I was reading a blog called “Go Fug Yourself,” which hates on Scarlett’s first video for her single, “Falling Down.”

“…why does the video to your first single basically seem to be about how depressed and truly pensive you are while people are putting eye make-up on you? Ooooh, poor sad angel clown.”

Clever writing. And I agree. But watching this video through the eyes of a 21st century feminist, I see something quite different.

I see what a woman goes through to function in the world. She isn’t just Scarlett. She is me. She is my girlfriends. She is my guy friends too — the ones who must put on a mask so that the world isn’t such a heavy place.

At least part of the video makes me go to this place of recognition.

When she starts staring off into her thoughts and the image of a little girl appears, that’s when I snap out of it and think, “Oh, she went too far!”

Good art suddenly transformed into crap.

But she’s young. She’s developing. We shall see her growth.