Future News: Orlando is the Next Silicon Valley?

Welcome to the Weekly Buzzzz on the Third Eye Witness Newzzz
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But first, let’s hear a word from our sponsors, Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots!

Femmebot 7.0: So, did you hear that Orlando is like THE NEXT Silicon Valley…? I read it in Inc.com in 2018 so it must be true.
Femmebot 2.0: Si, pero I read in the New York Times that EVERY city is THE NEXT Silicon Valley. Chicago, Miami, Cincinatti, Vegas, Chatanoooooga
Femmebot 4.0: I feel like Orlando is always being called an emerging city for this or that…
Femmebot: Yeah, like in the early 1990s? Remember when everyone was calling Orlando “Hollywood East” because of its “emerging” film industry?
Femmebot 1.0: Well, not for nothing but Disney-MGM Studios and Universal Studios  production facilities were just built and attracted lots of filmmakers to the area like Ron Howard who shot Parenthood here.
Femmebot: And Steven Spielberg shot a series called seaQuest DSV
Femmebot: And Tom Hank shot From the Earth to the Moon.
Femmebot: I remember Parenthood but those others don’t really ring a bell, bruh.

Femmebot 1.0: Irregardlesssss….30 years ago, Full Sail University was just another nondescript corporate building with glass windows reflecting your mediocrity back at you while you fantasized about moving to LA. And now, in 202__, Full Sail is one of the best known audio and video production schools in the country.

Better to be unknown and mediocre in a city that’s known as Hollywood, without the East dangling around.

Dr. Nutmeg: OK, fine – so basically, the Femmebot Codemology is:
If Orlando became Hollywood East because Full Sail University is now churning out Oscar winners,
Then the predictions that Orlando will become Silicon Southeast aren’t completely unfounded.

Femmebot 1.0: Can we call it Techlando instead of Silicon Southeast?
Dr. Nutmeg: FINE. Whatever.