New Rules for Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots

Bienvenidos to Dr. Nutmeg’s Fake News. I’m Femmebot 2.0 reporting LIVE from Planet MyAmi at Dupa Lipa’s suite at the Confidante Hotel.
We interrupt this Clickbait with a report – EN VIVO – from Planet Myami, where Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots have been hanging out at the Confidante Hotel, absorbing Dua Lipa’s New Rulessssssss……
Ay siiiii, Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots were here during La Reina Lipa’s appearance on New Year’s Rockin Eve to let the rest of mainstream America know she’s the hottest Cubana from Kendall to EVER hit the billionaire’s club on YouTube. OK, I’m just kidding, this IS the Fake News, gente, she’s not Cubana, pero c’mon, she can totally pass, you know what I mean, in real life she is Albanian by way of the UK and her video, “New Rules” displays the kind of fourth wave feminism we Femmebots were born into on Planet MyAmi where being H-O-T is part of embracing all that is feminine, no disrespect to any women who prefer short, spiky hair and man clothes…Bro – this is how we do it in MIA…anywayssssssss….we’ve written our own new rules for 2019, specifically for women of color working at tech startups. Check ’em out….
“New Rules for Dr Nutmeg’s Femmebots”
1. Don’t look at your phone
you know it’s gonna ping again before you go home;
2. Don’t budge on pay,
you’ll have to Kickstart another campaign;
3. Don’t overwork,
you know you’re gonna burnout and act like a jerk
…and if you underchieve, you’ll be gettin overpaid
I got new rules I count em
If you would like to add or compose your own rules based off your own experiences, I would love to include them and add your byline to the animation that links back to your site and helps you get more clients, more exposure, more whatever it is you need! Gooooo Femmebots!
Welcome to the Third Eyewitness News! We sense it first, invest in it, flip it, and you hear about it afterwards. I’m Chakra Girl reporting LIVE from the future, on January 20, 2020 in Snorrrrrrrrelandoooooo! In our top Future News Feed, Infogram is the WordPress Plugin everyone is using but no one is talking about (in the Fake News).  Why? Cuz it doesn’t bleeeeed so why would it leeeead??? Anyways, Infogram is a powerful data visualization tool that can convert your boring Excel spreadsheets into beautiful maps, charts and even interactive infographics!!! If you’re still using WP Tiles, not only are you outdated, you are probably in the wrong J-O-B!
Welcome to the Fake News. I’m Femmebot 6.0 reporting LIVE from NYC on January 16, 2019…
In today’s Fake News….or
We interrupt this Fake News with a Tweet: There are 77 walls around the world, and 800 miles of walls built in Europe since 2015. Oh wait  – that was USA Today’s Fake News in May last year, but it’s Googable, and I don’t know anything about history because I don’t read, and it serves my agenda, so here it is, munch away on my delectable data, my faithful Bots!
We interrupt this Fake News with Clickbait brought to you by LinkedIn: 4 Mistakes that made me a better Manager by Nishant Bhajaria, shared 257 times and Liked by 2,293 WorkBots, so it’s worth nothing a few excerpts like:
1. A leader absolutely needs to believe in their mission (Border Wall) – check. From that belief stems their ability to attract (and retain – uh oh) talent as well as keep their team top of mind when important BORED ROOM decisions are made.
2. A leader listens…especially when they are not the most qualified person on the team – insecurity leads to a need to deliver something TANGIBLE (a Wall) to win respect…and the next election, right?
3. A leader understands that things change, it’s the nature of our planet over billions of years, but when he leaves his position in 2020, his TEAM will still be paying billions for a WALL while he hangs out behind his own WALL in Mar a Lago, NOT PAYING his share for this thing he was so adamant about only a year or two ago.
4. A leader –
We interrupt this Clickbait with a devotional: The apostle Paul, who had a strong commitment to know and serve Jesus, encourages US to develop a strong and vibrant faith. Regardless of who is the president, let’s not forget what the Queen once said: We are the champions, my friend. As the Brazilian Girls once said: It’s All about US. As Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots are saying to you, from the future, where everything is VIRTUAL REALITY, WAKE UP. Your reality is on the line.