Never forget where you came from.

Femmebots write naked.That’s the mantra of a Femmebot climbing the social and economic ranks of the United States of America. Or at least it should be. You can’t be one generation removed from your immigrant parents and forget the cracking sounds of their backbreaking work.

It’s not just Latinas – it’s Jewish girls, Chinese girls, Indian girls, Filipina girls, Colombian girls – we are the women of color who treat the business place differently from our lighter-skinned sisters. We are battling for equality by understanding the value of balance – it isn’t necessary to be a man to succeed.

We can be women, the way we were culturally conditioned to be, while dominating the boardroom, the recording studio, the art gallery, the online marketplace and any sales team. We are actually THE BEST sales people out there (Hit a strip club lately?), hence our dominance in “the oldest profession (which, coincidentally, sustains the needs of both men and women).”

But others are in mainstream society because we believe in breaking stereotypes. Men are still running the world, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I am certainly not advocating women to be the new rulers.

I’m more of a balance kind of girl. I’d rather not rule anything but myself – I’m enough chaos in one head. And as I connect with more and more women, I notice we are all in chaos in our own heads, and we’re trying to keep it together, one day at a time.

We are not the “Superwoman” of the 90s. Combine beauty, brains and familial values in one woman, and you have a 21st century Femmebot, with the power to shoot from the tits.