Jennifer Lopez in “The Cell”

She was the first English-speaking Latina to play a professional woman on camera.

She plays a psychologist…who is sexy when she comes home. She smokes a joint. Kicks her heels up — and of course has a cat…she’s a tripped out chic.

This was Lopez at her best. This was where she was like, “Check it out girls — this is what it’s like to use more than your booty.”

She even plays the Porto Rican Princess all dressed in beautiful, shimmery white in the virtual therapy world.

As she switches from costume to costume, she becomes a different part of herself…the beautiful, multidimensional goddess that she has allowed herself to become without shame, without apologies…and with relative Grace Kelly style tactics.

Yes, we have an obsession with Grace Kelly.

But back to the story…Lopez becomes the trapped seductress until the cop, aka Vince Vaughn, pokes into her little twisted virtual reality with a traumatic memory from her physical reality, yelling, “Snap out of it! It’s not real! It’s not real!”

I often hear the B-O-Y saying that when I get caught up in the character matrix. Is it possible that this scene in “The Cell” is a representation of women’s sexual enslavement? Maybe for me it is.