Femmebot 6.0 Swims 1K to Raise $1K for Girls Who Code

Welcome to the Fake News.

Happy International Women's Day!

Femmebot 6.0 is getting ready to swim 1k for $1k at 11:30am TODAY to support Girls Who Code. It's the Femmebot way of celebrating International Women's Day. Join us here for the Facebook Livestream (fingers crossed that the tech will work, even tho it's Mercury Retrograde, we wouldn't be able to handle the irony).

Posted by Mela Fel on Friday, March 8, 2019

I’m Femmebot 6.0. It’s NOT International Women’s Day.

It’s not sunny and I am NOT reporting LIVE from Orlando, Fla.

I am NOT about to swim 1,000 kilometers to inspire you to give $1,000 to a nonprofit organization called Girls Who Code, whose single mission is to close the gender gap in technology. They are NOT on track to achieve this mission by 2027…when I will be 52!! OMG! That’s exactly 30 years after I got my first job coding.

Anyways, I’m getting the Fake Water now to swim 40 Fake Laps in this Fake 25-yard pool.

Swimming 1k for $1k

Posted by Mela Fel on Friday, March 8, 2019