Fake News: 12 Bachelorette Alumni Hack the Code for Dating in the 21st Century

Femmebot 6.0: Welcome to the Fake News! In today’s Fake News, 12 Bachelorette alumni reported they have hacked the code to navigating the winding, never ending video game of 21st century romantic L-O-V-E!

Femmebot 1.0: Waaaaa! Why can’t I hack the code??? I feel so rejected and sad that another Brobot stopped texting me!

Femmebot 3.0: Oh, great, this algorithm again? Can somebody delete her dating apps and put up a firewall…??? (EDIT HERE) Shit, this happens at least once a week now. She’s creating instability in our network.

Femmebot 4.0: OK. How long do we need the firewall?

Femmebot 3.0: At least a week. Or rather, can you up it to 3 months?

Femmebot 6.0: Darling, no, no, you’re being hyperbolic. 24 hours is plenty of T-I-M-E for 1.0 to compose her latest Sad Soliloquy. (THIS IS THE OPTIMAL SOUND LEVEL – change others to this level)

Femmebot 1.0: Waaaaa! My stomach hurts and my head is dizzy!

Femmebot 3.0: Oh brother, it’s more serious than I thought. This Brobot already stuck a virus inside our root directory. Deleting the apps and putting up a firewall may not be enough. 1.0 needs a thorough scan from Dr. Nutmeg before she infects the entire network and causes another meltdownload!

Femmebot 1.0: Waaaaa! We were having a great time riding our Economic Cycles together… and then he just…he just ran away!! Did I say something wrong or weird???  Now I may never see him again! Waaaaaa!

Tune in next week when Dr. Nutmeg scans 1.0 on her Talk Show: Turing Test!

Dr. Nutmeg: Tell me dear, why are you full of fear and anxiety after only 3 meetings with this Brobot?

Femmebot 1.0:  When I invited him into the Factory/La Casita and he saw Femmebot 2.0.

Femmebot 2.0: Ay por favor, it’s not me, I’m functioning perfectly. It’s the Brobot who malfunctioned.

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  1. Fix the sound
  2. Backgrounds:
    Femmebot 6.0 – Bachelorette show
    Femmebot 1.0 – Crazy/psychiatric ward for robots
    Femmebot 3.0 – Washington, DC/
    Femmebot 4.0 – Sever farm/server closet/San Francisco