Episode 3: Welcome to Turing Test! A Night Time Talk Show in the Format of a Therapy Session

It’s interesting that the same week Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin get busted for buying their kids’ way into elite universities, I am releasing the Turing Test episode, which makes fun of college entrance exams.  The Turing Test shows an AI’s ability to think. The SATs show how privileged you are. The message is: perhaps we should be giving humans the Turing Test.

Femmebot 7.0 is a representation of these celebrity daughters, who are “awesome at standardized tests.” Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade literally had to apologize for saying she doesn’t “really care about school” even though we all know that’s not true as she uses her dorm room to vlog and promote her sponsors.

But I’m not going to sit here and criticize these girls for participating in the virtual world I helped build. Before they came along to give me hashtags to promote this episode, Femmebot 7.0 was a representation of me. I’ve had seven  official “meltdownloads” in my life, ie, I crashed and burned from 7 break-ups with men that made me boomerang to the home of my parents 7 times, unable to deal with my issues IRL.

Within each of these “meltdownloads” are my regularly scheduled “economic cycles,” which I thought at one point was code for my “menstrual cycle,” but are actually manic periods of productivity flanked by low points of depression and self destructive negativity. I would work work work work work until CRASH! I would bust like the economy after the dot.com and real estate booms. Sounds bipolar, but  I preferred to call them “economic cycles” because I was directly affected by both dot.com and real estate booms and busts. It also seemed appropriate because the cycles affect my ability to work and pay rent. To cope, I started having weekly imaginary meetings with my Femmebots talking about how we could make enough money to pay rent before the “end of the economic cycle.”

Dr. Nutmeg is the darkness in between each economic cycle. I try to make her less violent and dark by animating her as a silly looking purple haired mad scientist. She makes her first full appearance in Episode 3, after episodes 1 and 2 set up the world of The Femmebots.

Here is a Tweet that makes all this more funny and light:

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