Episode 1: Can TLF exist IRL in a VR world where BOTs with ADD are only DTF?

It’s Valentine’s Day (no exclamation point cuz I’m GenX).

In episode 1, Femmebot 7.0 asks her tech therapist Dr. Nutmeg if True Love Forever (TLF) still exists In Real Life (IRL) in a Virtual Reality world where Femmebots and Brobots with ADD are only Down to F— (DTF). As Femmebot 7.0 rides her economic cycle around present-day Williamsburg, she compares it to the 1960s, when “humans” supposedly lived there.

Director’s Note…

I just wanna say, to all of you who helped bring “Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots” to life, that I love you…especially after binge-watching “Russian Doll” on Netflix, released earlier this month. If you haven’t watched this series yet, check it out. It’s brilliant. Written and produced by women (Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler), it includes many of the themes we explore in our Femmebots series, namely, a main female character who is a self-absorbed narcissistic software engineer, stuck inside a seemingly never ending loop of “economic cycles,” as she runs away from her core trauma as a child.

In other words, “Russian Doll” reminded me to break out of my own narcissistic main character, Dr. Nutmeg, as I attempt to distribute the series on YouTube. Cuz even though the story is about me, the production is NOT, and features an amazing team of talent:

  • Kerri Sohn, whose creative acting and voiceover of Femmebot 7.0 and Dr. Nutmeg are the first things Adult Swim noticed when pitching;
  • Angello Pizarro, whose interpretation of Femmebot 2.0, the Russian Troll Farmers and the Brobot always get the most laughs during screenings;
  • Andrew Conklin, whose determination and perseverance pushed the Kickstarter over the finish line.
  • Sarah Cooper‘s Book, “How to Be Successful in Business Without Hurting Men’s Feelings,” which inspired me as I tried to sort out some of my experiences as a chic in the tech world over the last 20 years.
We created a YouTube channel for “Season 1” and posted Episode 1, just in time for Valentine’s Day with the hopes that more people will subscribe and show the networks the time is ripe for a TV show about women working in tech:
Can TLF exist IRL in a VR world where BOTs with ADD are only DTF? http://bit.ly/2TMxdj5