Dr. Nutmeg’s Fake Ted Talk

A year ago, I was experiencing a full-on mid-life existential crisis. Dr. Nutmeg’s darkness had completely taken over The FACTory… and Chakra Girl’s light was nowhere to be seen.

365 days later, Dr. Nutmeg is MIA and Chakra Girl is shining bright.

How? Why? It didn’t happen overnight. It was a series of events over the past year, starting in November:

  1. Met a Dom who re-ignited my light.
  2. Returned to Orlando for the winter
  3. Got into epic fight with a family member that allowed me to see I was living in a state of ingratitude.
  4. Nephew diagnosed my “low qi” by noticing how gross my tongue looked.
  5. Acupuncture, psychotherapy, swimming, biking, doing good deeds for others, working outside with my parents and daily prayer starts shifting me into a state of gratitude
  6. Deciding NOT to return to New York in the Spring further lifts my qi.
  7. Opening my housing search to other cities, including Orlando, directs me to La Casita.
  8. Moving into La Casita, meeting neighbors, taking video production classes at the Melrose Center and praying everyday to thank the universe for directing me further lifts me up.
  9. Meeting my boyfriend and falling in TRUE love again.

I am grateful again. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful that I got out of the universe’s way and stopped being blind and stubborn and stuck inside with the noise of The FACTory.