Dr. Nutmeg (not Doc Brown) invented the DeLorean Time Machine

Welcome to the Fake News. I’m Femmebot 5.0 reporting on January 26, 2018.

In today’s Fake News, The Femmebots found a new spot on Broadway, “a few” blocks from @91Broadway, deep in the Heart’s Cafe, where Bushwick and Bed Stuy meet, and just a stone’s throw and a B46 bus ride to the 77, aka the “Shithouse” as the NYPD so lovingly referred to that precinct in the 1980s. After exploring Williamsburg of the 1960s, The Femmebots have time traveled into 1985, which is totally possible cuz that’s when Dr. Nutmeg (not Doc Brown) invented the DeLorean Time Machine (in Miami, NOT Hill Valley)…you know, kind of like those three black women who sent the first white man into space.

We interrupt this Future Fake News report with a nap. And a coffee. With Oat Milk. At Heart’s Cafe. Do we have to change our Twitter handle from @91Broadway to @somewhereelseBroadway? Doesn’t really matter, the same stream of toxic Tweets will continue flooding the Media War Zone for at least another three years.

In tomorrow’s Fake News, all The Femmebots furniture will be removed and placed in the homes of the friends and community who made our whole virtual reality production possible here in NYC.

In next week’s Fake News, The Femmebots head to DC to tackle the power dynamics in romantic relationships while teaching an animation workshop for the DC Startup community.

In next month’s Fake News, we head to Puerto Rico for a massive Latte of Reality (not Virtual) to get our heads out of our robotic asses and provide a true service to real human people. Stay Tuned!