Alex Cuba Keeps on Keepin’ On

alex_cubasmWhen you have a vision, when you love what you do, there are no wrong steps. Alex Cuba’s dad was a great mentor to him. He encouraged him, but he was always honest – even suggesting that he shouldn’t sing his songs…but Alex went on and did what he felt.

A great example for a Femmebot.

Femmebots work so hard. We bend forward and backward for people. We fail repeatedly but then we get back up again. When a Femmebot works in present time, everything just flows the way it’s supposed to flow. Other people are going through hard times, but does that mean Femmebots must go through hard times too? Does this attitude mean a Femmebot is a Capitalist Republican? No. Femmebots will always be Socialists. We are taking care of ourselves now so that we can take care of our loved ones later. We don’t do anything anymore to just benefit ourselves. Heroes work in the best interest of all. A leader doesn’t back down. We need to be prepared. We are not afraid.