Adult Swim Pitch – Week of July 19

After the guys at Adult Swim said The Femmebots was “really cool” but  they “didn’t laugh a ton,” I’ve been re-editing older episodes, which I think were funnier. I cut out the scenes that were just me experimenting with the animation software, and replaced them with the grounding scene of Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch for robots.

In this scene, Femmebot 6.0 uses a dating app called “Diggler,” which connects humans and Femmebots. She uses the app to meet investors because “profiles read like resumes” and “dates feel like job interviews.”

It’s cute, but is it laugh out loud funny ha ha? I am depending on the situation of a robot seeking therapy to be funny in and of itself. And the voices I do for the profiles of the suitors are funny. I also really like the Investor and the Nerd characters.

I really don’t want to pitch anything tomorrow if it’s not gonna blow these guys out of the water.