Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a “girl version” of the tv show “Silicon Valley?”

The mission of Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots is to fill that void in the market in order to inspire, support and train women of color in tech.

Founder Melanie Feliciano saw the need for this mission in 2006, while working at a tech startup with all-male co-founders, and hit the glass ceiling for the first time in her nine-year career.

“I got my coding skills in a women’s tech incubator circa 1999 in San Francisco, thanks to Lavonne Luquis Shelton, the “girl version” of Jeff Bezos,” says Feliciano. “But 20 years later, he’s got billions and we got #metoo. It’s pure comedy!!! ”

Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots first launched at Art Basel Miami 2009 as a performance art piece in a Wynwood warehouse. Seven women dressed in all black wore iPhones on their chests exhibiting videos that expressed their brilliant ideas. If the men were already looking there, it was the only way to get their points across and potentially change the conversation about diversity in tech long before the Google Manifesto or #MeToo movement came along.

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